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 Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a doctor, specialized in conventional allopathic medicine. I am qualified to treat diseases with pills and surgery. 

 However, the concept of disease never fascinated me; I always felt that something was wrong, something was missing. I kept thinking, “What about preserving health? Where is ‘health’ in the entire system of medicine we practice?” And it was true, our entire focus is on disease, not on health.


 Then I lost someone precious to me, to cancer. All conventional medical treatment failed and I saw that person go, helplessly. Once I experienced cancer so closely, so personally, I saw it everywhere. Over time, my thoughts broadened and I saw disease all around me. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke…people were falling prey to one (usually more than one) of these every day, around me.

  It made me think about what, if anything, we could do to prevent it from happening. It seemed so daunting, thinking about all these complex diseases with their myriad manifestations: thinking about how to attack them.

 I started thinking about the roots of these diseases, the very basic things that made it possible for such devastating diseases to make their home in our bodies. At the back of all this was the image of the person I had lost.

 I started reading a lot of literature, medical literature that was published but somehow never made it to our core medical curriculum. I learned a lot, “unlearned” more. About lifestyle diseases, about lifestyle changes, about lifestyle medicine. About statistically and scientifically valid studies that showed the significant positive health benefits of lifestyle modifications in patients.  I wasn’t an easy convert; it took time for me to believe that this wasn’t pseudoscience, that it was based on sound scientific foundations.

 And this slowly acquired, strong, belief in the power of LSM to transform lives and the world has led me to practice it in my own life. And it has led me to guide and encourage others to reap the same benefits from this revolutionary means of self-healing.

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