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Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine on a beautiful spring evening, or seeks a glass (or 2) of whiskey on a particularly stressful day? The question is, is the short-term relief and feeling of enjoyment worth the long-term effects alcohol has on our body?

Most of us would have experienced its short-term effects, which largely depend on the amount consumed. What about the long-term implications, in regular drinkers (and not just alcoholics)? Alcohol can negatively impact a number of our organs: brain (loss of balance, as well as memory issues), heart (cardiomyopathy, high blood pressure, stroke), liver (fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis, and cirrhosis) and pancreas (pancreatitis).

What’s more, alcohol is a Group 1 carcinogen on the WHO’s list, i.e., there is sufficient evidence of alcohol causing cancer in human beings. The risk of head and neck cancer, oesophageal cancer, liver, breast, and colorectal cancer is increased.  And then we have the issue of alcoholism, which has a profound negative life-changing impact, not only on the drinker but the family as well.

In the coming posts in this section, we will raise awareness on the impact of alcohol on our physical and mental health.

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